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23 April 1990
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A know-it-all loner who's rather gloomy. yep that's me, I've finally pin-pointed it.

Ok the mini biography:
My full name is Rachel Lynn and a last name, but you may call me Rachel or Rach, what ever you perfer. I was born in Pittsburgh and am currently living there. I'm 15 and have had a strange life so far.

Things I enjoy; Science, like geology, and inventing things for no reason, Cats, i'm a cat person, drawing, i'm rather good at it, reading, I spend most of my time reading and studying, computers, I love bloging and fixing things on the computer. I also enjoy all small animals and photography. I have an amazing DA art site which is were you can view my photos and drawings. and Thats about it.

-draw and animate things on the computer (I used to be able to but i'de like flash)
-understand how electricity works (I have to know how everything works)
-be able to write poetry (I read poetry a ton, I'm very well read)
-know peoples emotions and secrets by looking at there eyes (people in books do it and I always wondered how they do it)
-get a boyfriend without anything tragic happening like it usually does.
-shrink to a shorter and more normal height
-go back in time to the 30's

Added Info; I have a lovely cat named Caraway whom I love, Two little sisters, and a dull social life.
I absolutely love music and i can't go a day without it. Later, i real put in my favorite bands and such.
Also, I LOVE books. I'm currently trying to write down all the authors, series, and books I like then I'll write them here.